MICROSOFT WILL BUILD computers even more sleek and beautiful than Apple’s. Robots will 3-D-print cool shoes that are personalized just for you. (And you’ll get them in just a few short days.) Neural networks will take over medical diagnostics, and Snapchat will try to take over the entire world. The women and men in these pages are the technical, creative, idealistic visionaries who are bringing the future to your doorstep. You might not recognize their names—they’re too busy working to court the spotlight—but you’ll soon hear about them a lot. They represent the best of what’s next.

Put Humans First, Code Second

Parisa Tabriz
Browser Boss | Google Chrome

Wall Street Can Run on Collaboration, Not Competition

Richard Craib
Founder | Numerai

Microsoft Will Outdesign Apple

Kait Schoeck
Industrial Designer | Microsoft

Frugal Science Will Curb Disease

Manu Prakash
Founder | Foldscope Instruments

TV Ad Dollars Will Get Snapped Up

Jeff Lucas
VP and Global Head of Sales | Snap

Encryption Alone Is Not Enough

John Brooks
Programmer | Ricochet

Silicon Valley Can Spread the Wealth

Leslie Miley
President, West Coast | ­Venture for America

Our Robots Are Powered by Poets and Musicians

Beth Holmes, Farah Houston, Michelle Riggen-­Ransom
HOLMES Knowledge Manager | Alexa Information team
HOUSTON Senior Manager | Alexa Personality team
RIGGEN-­RANSOM Managing Editor | Alexa Personality team

Hard Data Can Improve Diversity

Laura I. Gómez
Founder | Atipica

Music Will Leave the Studio Behind

Steve Lacy

Microbiology Gets a Little Intelligent Design

Christina Agapakis
Creative Director | Ginkgo Bioworks

Tech Workers, Not CEOs, Will Drive Real, Positive Change

Maciej Ceglowski
Founder | Pinboard

China Will Lead the Tech Industry

Connie Chan
Partner | Andreessen Horowitz

Need Help Choosing a Wine? There’s a DNA-Based App for That.

James Lu
Senior VP of Applied Genomics | Helix

Techies Should Serve Their Country

Matt Cutts
Acting Administrator | United States Digital Service

Robots Will Make Fast Fashion Even Faster

Gerd Manz
VP of Future Team | Adidas

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Doctors Do Their Jobs Better

Lily Peng
Product Manager | Google Brain

Microsats Will Democratize Space

Will Marshall
Cofounder and CEO | Planet

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  1. Tony Perkins

    A bit of a politically corrected list, but still illustrates that the global Silicon is not lacking in innovation. From a major public company disruption side, we believe that Microsoft may well build computers even more sleek and beautiful than Apple’s. Kait Schoeck in photo is one to watch, as she and her team may help Microsoft undercut Apple’s competitive advantage one more time. No time to rest.