WeWork will now build out and run your office

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WeWork execs say they will start offering a suite of on-site services to help big companies act more like lean startups.

London’s WeWork South Bank Lounge [Photo: courtesy of WeWork].

The announcement of on-site services comes as WeWork is trying to attract bigger businesses. In addition to offering services inside of buildings leased by others, WeWork is also looking to offer medium to large businesses more expansive offices on its own premises, including multi-floor rentals. It currently has five buildings, which are leased by only one or two companies.

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Now WeWork Wants To Build Out Your Office And Run It For You
By Ruth Reader is a Brooklyn based writer for Fast Company who covers startups, company culture, and financial technology.

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  1. Tony Perkins April 21st, 2017 at 2:18 am

    The two WeWork spaces I have visited [San Francisco and San Jose], were well done. Speaking as an entrepreneur, it has been great to see the evolution of the workspace for new companies. Company founders have benefitted by the “all I need is a laptop and smartphone, and my earphones, and I am happy to sit anywhere,” and the “shared space” phenomenon. The less time founders need to set up their employees and planning office spaces, the more they can focus on what really counts to make their businesses succeed.

    I find it very interesting how WeWork is now proposing to take these burdens of larger companies as well. Great vision on one we think gives them lots of opportunity to grow.

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