Virtual Reality at the gym—fly and dive your way to fitness

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Johannes Scholl’s startup, Munich-based Icaros GmbH, has developed a VR exercise machine that delivers a core workout by making it seem like users are flying and deep-ocean diving. About 200 gyms and entertainment centers from London to Tokyo have installed the $10,000 machines.  A cheaper home version for about $2,000 is under development and could be unveiled around the start of next year.

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based VirZOOM Inc. transforms bike machines into VR controllers that let gamers fly horses and drive Formula 1 cars.

A Helsinki augmented reality startup, Augmented Climbing Wall,  overlays digital images onto rock-climbing walls, letting climbers play games or battle each other while ascending.

Read the complete post at Bloomberg Technology:

Virtual Reality Hits the Gym
by Yuji Nakamura, Bloomberg Technology

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  1. Tony Perkins April 26th, 2017 at 12:49 am

    “Let’s face it, working out isn’t actually fun,” says one trainer. “But by just having this machine, it gets people inspired and excited because it’s not the same old stuff.”

    I can go along with that!


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