Hooked got 10 million teens to read fiction on their phones

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By Prerna Gupta, Founder & CEO @ Hooked

Hooked’s Aha Moment

We started initially by testing comic-book inspired ideas. We thought that if we told more of the story through images, teens might find reading more engaging.

We tested many iterations, but nothing moved the needle. No matter what we tried, reader engagement was still abysmal.

Then we had an off-the-wall idea to test a story written as a text message conversation between the characters. It was 1,000 words, or a five-minute read, the same length as everything else we had tested thus far.

The first chat story we tested had staggering results. Almost every teenager who started reading our chat story finished it in one session.

We thought it was an error. We had never run an a/b test before with this magnitude of a change. So we tested it again. And we got the same results.

That was the light bulb moment.

We launched Hooked four months later.

Read the whole Hooked story here:

The Hooked Story—How We Got 10 Million Teens to Read Fiction on Their Phone
By Prerna Gupta, Founder & CEO @ Hooked

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