A man dressed as a Burger King  employee bemoans the lack of time available in a 15 second commercial to explain what a Whopper is, then leans into the camera and offers this: “OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?” Any viewer who had a Google Home near the TV would see the device activated, and it would prattle off the Wikipedia entry for the burger—but things didn’t exactly go as planned.

The trouble with relying on Wikipedia is that anyone can edit it, and it appears that Burger King did just that, perhaps in violation of Wikipedia’s rules against “shameless self-promotion.” A first line that once framed the burger as a “signature hamburger product” was altered to reference a “flame-grilled patty made with 100% beef,” and the Verge found evidence the edit was made by Burger King’s marketing chief.


Google shuts down Burger King’s cunning TV ad

Wikipedia demands Burger King apologize after failed Google Home stunt

Burger King didn’t hack Google Home, it hacked the media


  1. Tony Perkins

    Doesn’t surprise us that two of the most politically correct brands on the planet threw respective tantrums over the fast food chain’s new ad pushing the Whopper.

    Yum. That ad made me hungry. I think it’s time to take a break and go get me a Whopper.