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Still in beta, Alchemist aspires to become the leading social media network informing and connecting company builders and thought leaders operating in the global innovation industries.  “We are entering into an era of accelerating transformation across all industries,” explains Alchemist founder and editor, Tony Perkins. “Alchemist provides an insider view as Silicon Valley consolidates its economic power, and spreads it’s innovation around the planet.”  The network’s ultimate mission is to help professionals build better careers and better companies. Alchemist will lead the industry by empowering its members, partners, contributing bloggers, and advertisers to meet, connect, learn and collaborate like no other media brand.

The story behind the creation and vision behind Alchemist by Tony Perkins

Alchemist founder and editor, Tony Perkins, is a pioneering technology business media entrepreneur, opinion leader and community builder from Silicon Valley. As founding CEO and editor, Tony grew Red Herring Magazines’ revenues to over $100 million, with 600,000 subscribers, hundreds of world-class advertisers, and 300 employees. He was also co-founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s Technology Group and the 10,000-member Churchill Club. In addition Tony co-authored “The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks” (HarperBusiness, 1999), a book that foretold the dotcom bust. During the 2000s, Tony operated the global events and blog brand, AlwaysOn, that produced major summits in Silicon Valley, New York and Southern California. AlwaysOn’s focus was to connect entrepreneurs in the media, entertainment, cloud and greentech industries with venture investors and major corporate partners.

Tony’s two new initiatives are Alchemist and Sunrise [Silicon Valley], an invitation-only live global community that gathers leading-edge company founders, investors and artists.

Write our editors with pitches or suggestions – editors@alchemist.io

For more information on Alchemist partner opportunities, the Sunrise Innovation.io Festival Partner and CEO Showcase opportunities:

Contact Alchemist directly: (650) 382-2058, SunriseConcierge@SunriseSiliconValley.io

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