Finding your ‘Personal Legend’

While still in beta, Alchemist’s mission is to become the leading social media network informing, connecting and enhancing the reputations of the most forward thinking and ambitious people on the planet. The Alchemist community includes established innovators, company builders and thought leaders, as well as crafty students and young professionals navigating their way up in the innovation industries. Our view is that young people benefit from the mentorship of the experienced, and established players see the future by observing and listening to the generations coming of age. Alchemist strives to be the platform where this mutual reinforcement comes to life and prospers.

In the world’s best selling novel by a living author, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho tells the journey of an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago on the road to find the meaning of life. Along the way, Santiago meets the old king of Salem, named Melchizedek, who tells him to sell his sheep, go to Egypt and introduces the idea of a Personal Legend. ‘Your Personal Legend is what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is, the King counseled. ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’

Modern day alchemy—turning content and data into professonal gold

To gain one’s footing and grow in the modern world, both individuals and brands must embrace their ‘Personal Legends.’ Our world is entering into what our editors refer to as the ‘third wave of the Internet’—a time of accelerating transformation across all industries. Entrepreneurial companies are seizing power away from the industry establishment in entertainment (Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify), communications (Facebook, Snap and WeChat), and financial services (Credit Karma, Kabbage, and Stripe)—just to name of few examples.

No matter what industry a young person is passionate about, the clever ones will recognize that the Internet and all its related technologies and business models are conspiring to the disrupt every industry. To be successful today, there is only one choice—stay on the right side of third wave disruption.

Alchemy was a Medieval protoscientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Africa and Asia with the aim of purifying and perfecting certain objects. For example, Alchemists sought to transform base metals such as lead into ‘noble metals,’ particularly gold.

The biggest forces driving third wave disruption are artificial intelligence (AI), the blockchain, Big Data analytics and automation—including robots, drones and the ‘Internet of Things.’ The first two waves of the Internet created the ‘infobesity’ epidemic. We now live in a world of too much information, and with the advent of ‘IoT,’ this data explosion continues. Smart entrepreneurs are stepping up and creating a new generation of applications leveraging this plethora of data and content, processing it, and delivering powerful real-time insights and recommendations in ways never imagined possible. Like the Medieval Alchemists, these modern day entrepreneurs are using proprietary algorithms and machine learning to turn Big Data into gold.

The venture capital perspective—focused on researching and identifying the highest potential growth opportunities

We aspire to particpate in the third wave by living-out the story we cover every day. By leveraging both hand and machine curation, we transform global editorial content and the data generated by activity within the Alchemist network into professional gold for their benefit of our members. In order to achieve this mission, there are four pillars to our editorial strategy.

Establish an actionable editorial and data framework.
Our editorial view on the innovation industries is that of a venture capitalist. To be a successful in the global Silicon Valley, professionals, like VCs, need to stay on top of (a) the technology trends that are causing industry disruption, (b) the entrepreneurs taking advantage of those trends by building new and potentially high-growth companies, and (c) which companies are earning the support of top investors and industry insiders and gaining momentum and market traction. Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital reminds us that, ‘Who you know, what you know, and when you know it, is the currency of Silicon Valley.’ Our content framework reflects this industry outlook by how we organize the content on our homepage, what we cover, and our data formats—particularly how we tag content and structure member and company profiles.

Curate and create the most clever and nourishing news, features and opinion.
Machines will never completely replace man. To offer our readers the best selection of content within our framework, our editors review over 200 sources a day—from mainstream media outlets like Bloomberg and the Harvard Business Review, to Wired and New Scientist, to industry insider blogs and power tweets by Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Steve Case. We will also write our own editorials, and conduct insider interviews with Silicon Valley’s most influential players, and—ocassionally, break news. Our focus is not only on technology innovation and following the money, we also believe it’s important to track global and cultural trends which drive new technology adoption. This subtle editorial task requires the kind of nuance and surprise that no algorithm could ever achieve

Provoke, amuse and entertain.
Allow us now to admit some of our editorial and cultural biases.  Alchemist is overtly pro-entrepreneur. Entreperneurs are the rock stars of the global Silicon Valley. They are the risk-takers who put all their eggs into one basket, and, if successful, create the jobs, wealth and economic growth for the benefit of all. We are instinctually free market oriented, celebrate the money-making spirit, and consider ourselves classically liberal. We are therefore dedicated to promoting personal and economic freedom, and, most unabashedly—freedom of expression—something we view as increasingly under attack in today’s world, especially in America.

We try to inject a little energy and humor into our brand through story selection, how we write headlines, and the art we choose. We admittedly love to laugh and do not suffer from political correctness. We love the irony of clever expression. While rigor, thoughtfulness, and solid research will always be our mantra, so will a touch of hidden mischief, satire and fun. We welcome people to tease and laugh at us as well. As we say to each other when one of our readers is offended about something stupid: ‘F*ck ’em if they can’t take a joke!’

While we necessarily cover global cultural, economic and political trends, we have no interest in chronicling the tedious and unproductive school yard politics between political parties. We abhor name calling, invloving ourselves in anyone’s personal life, and will never attempt to discern the essence of a person’s soul. We shall leave that task to the Almighty.

Encourage members to register, participate, contribute and connect.
Our members can connnect within Alchemist today, but we are busy in the back room mixing the data science elixir to build a truly next generation social networking platform. There will soon be a day when the moment Alchemist members journey into our world, our A.I. engines will begin gathering data on what they are reading, sharing, commenting on, ranking, and who are they connecting and interacting with. This data will then be transformed into highly personalized analytics, recommendations and introductions. Members will also be building ‘reputation points’ in their various fields of interests. The ultimate goal is to turn our members’ data into professional gold, by accelerating their access to the knowledge and professional connections that matter—and help them matter too.

Remember—The journey is the reward

Like the old king Melchizedek, Steve Jobs once counseled that ‘the journey is the reward.’ We deeply appreciate our ‘Founding Members’ who have joined us at the beginning of our journey. We are prototyping our network using WordPress, refining our framework, testing content, and setting the stage to introduce a third wave-worthy social media network based upon our own proprietary platform. Our ‘Brand Legend’ is to help professionals, both new and seasoned, build better careers and better companies by connecting great people and spreading the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial spirit all over the world.

Thank you for the support. We appreciate it.

About our founder and editor

Alchemist founder and editor, Tony Perkins, is a pioneering technology business media entrepreneur, opinion leader and community builder from Silicon Valley. As founding CEO and editor, Tony grew Red Herring Magazines’ revenues to over $100 million, with 600,000 subscribers, hundreds of world-class advertisers, and 300 employees. He was also co-founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s Technology Group and the 10,000-member Churchill Club. In addition Tony co-authored The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks (HarperBusiness, 1999), a book that foretold the dotcom bust. During the 2000s, Tony operated the global events and blog brand, AlwaysOn, that produced major summits in Silicon Valley, New York and Southern California. AlwaysOn’s focus was to connect entrepreneurs in the media, entertainment, cloud and greentech industries with venture investors and major corporate partners.

Tony’s two new initiatives are Alchemist and Sunrise [Silicon Valley], an invitation-only live global community that gathers leading-edge company founders, investors and artists.

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